Playboy Mansion Goes To Pot – The Dandy Warhols Rock For Marijuana Reform

I ask you, is there anything more quintessentially L.A. than a star-studded fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion to promote marijuana reform law? This is why I love this weird and wonderful city.

Yep, last night was just another typical Thursday evening in the Los Angeles hills, partying with hostess Fairuza Balk, deejay David J (of Bauhaus/Love & Rockets fame), a bunch of random celebs (comedian Hal Sparks, America’s Next Top Model winner Adrienne Curry, ex-porn star Ron Jeremy, performance-art little person Selene Luna, Dig! director Ondi Timoner), a flock of fire-dancers, and of course a bevy of Bunnies…all united at the Playboy Mansion in honor of California’s Marijuana Policy Project.

And on top of all that, there were the stoned grooves provided by spliff-a-rific headlining band the Dandy Warhols and surprise guest Kyle Gass (aka the “other guy” from Tenacious D–whose partner Jack Black is on the MPP advisory board–billing himself last night as “Tenacious Me”).

Kyle had the crowd in stoner-like giggles with his performances of D classics like “Tribute” and the always audience-pleasing “Fuck Her Gently,” along with his orders to “Smoke some more pot!” and his introduction of the Warhols with, “I know they smoke pot…I just know they do!”

The Dandys then kept party guests’ spirits high, so to speak, with a hits-filled set that included the extremely appropriate “Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth.” (Is there any song more fitting for a pro-pot party than one that contains the line “heroin is so passé”?) Keyboardist Zia McCabe aptly described the show with: “This is gonna be great if you’re stoned, and if you’re not stoned it’s gonna feel like you are!” And she was right. After the Warhols’ heady set of druggy psych-pop, Zia also smilingly and rhetorically asked, “How’s that for a contact high?” and then advised the cheering audience, “Smoke pot every day!”

Ironically, the invite for this fourth annual bash came with the following warning:

“The venue does not permit the consumption of marijuana under any circumstances. We have been advised by Mansion security that guests will be asked to leave the premises immediately if they are found to be smoking marijuana. Regretfully, this policy also applies to legal medical marijuana patients from California and other states, so we ask that you make appropriate arrangements in advance.”

But luckily a good time was still had by all, thanks to a) the perfectly legal open bar and b) the fact that, judging from the, um, pungent aroma wafting in the Bel Air air, many party guests seemingly failed to read the invite’s fine print.

As far as other restrictions go, no video exists of this smokin’ (pun intended) show due to a strict filming ban on the Playboy Mansion grounds last night (people pay good money for videos starring Playmates, after all, so I guess I understand why Hugh Hefner wouldn’t want any royalty-free clips randomly popping up on YouTube). But below are a couple photos of all the high times. (Yes, that last pic is of me in a suspended opium-den-style bed, quite literally swinging with L.A. Weekly “Nightranger” columnist Lina Lecaro and NME‘s own Laura Ferreiro.)

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