Plugs – All Them Witches Peckham Acid Remix – Free MP3

So you probably heard recently that Morgan left Does It Offend You, Yeah? to concentrate full time on his longer term project Plugs. Bad news for DIOYY fans – great news for anyone acquainted with 2009’s most promising prospect.

The reasons to be excited about this lot and their new-found free time are myriad. The schizophrenic live show for starters. The already considerable catalogue of skewed electro pop. The fact that they’re genuinely the nicest guys in the business. And most of all because they’re complete unashamed music geeks.



Spend five minutes with them and it’s clear they’re a little bit different to other bands. The conversation veers from Game Boy buggery to Chicago House to cult comic books to how they key-mapped the noises of a whoopee cushion for the latest free MySpace download. Tired cliches and boring bravado are nowhere to be seen.

When I first met Morgan on DIOYY’s splitter van for a Radar feature the brief was “24 fucked up hours on the road with Britain’s wildest party band”. Aside from throwing some sandwiches around there was more playing with new samplers than Wrexham’s groupies.

And – judging by their output so far and next month’s single ‘All Them Witches’ – all this nerdy jiggery pokery is paying off in frontier-pushing spades.

Aside from a few places (lipster ran a good interview a while back) they’ve suffered a criminal drought of attention – and haven’t even got signed for the album deal yet. The campaign starts here.

True to form Morgan made me this remix especially for the blog.


Download Morgan‘s remix of All Them Witches here
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