These Pokémon Go Users Really Don’t Like Using Their Legs

Pokémon Go came out in the UK last week, and everyone’s gone Pokénuts. By now, either you’re close to completion of the game, stuck in an endless cycle of catching Rattatas and Pidgeys, or out of data for the rest of the month and can’t play. Unless you fall into the first category, it sucks to be you.

Seasoned players of the game know that the best (and pretty much only) way to progress in the game is to keep walking, usually at a leisurely pace, to reach local gyms and Pokéstops, and earn the right to hatch your eggs and discover new Pokémon, which is all well and good unless you’re, like, really lazy.

Well, fear not lazybones – there’s a way around it. It’s all about tricking the phone into thinking you’re moving while you make a cup of tea and open a packet of hobnobs. Your phone might need to move, but why should you?

There are a variety of methods for tricking your phone into thinking you’ve gone on a long hike. A few people swear by the record player technique. Yep, that’s putting your phone on a moving turn table and walking away whilst you make ‘dem gains.

The instructions are simple. “Place your phone on the turntable like this, and you can watch your lazy arse hatch some eggs.”
*I despair about everything*.

A lot of people have used drones to locate rare Pokémon before heading out to catch them, which is a really neat union of the advantages of tech and exercise. But not this guy. This guy is using the drone to hatch his eggs. “I lost it,” he says at one point, before the drone comes back.
(Skip to 1:55 for the explanation.)

Japan, the country of origin for the franchise, only got Pokémon Go last week but users have wasted no time in finding ways to cheat the system. Egg-hatching hacks aplenty are popping up around the country. Here are just a few.

They’ve made a little train and put the phones on the carriages to imitate walking pace:

And piled phones onto a moving Roomba (robot vacuum cleaner). I mean:

And then there’s this guy, who made a motorised transportation system.

10 points for ingenuity. Minus 15 for laziness. Then again, anything that results in more duvet time, is OK by me.