Phone Too Crap To Play Pokémon Go? Get A Brand New iPhone 6S For £50 Off

You’ve heard of this Pokémon GO thing right? The mobile game is sweeping the world as fans go batshit crazy about catching the rarest of them all, which has seen some players trying to enter police stations, getting into fightsand even temporarily forgetting who Justin Bieber is. You need very little to play apart from a dedication to catching ’em all and a pretty decent smartphone.

The game requires a decent GPS signal, a sharp camera and a lot of battery – and if you haven’t got all or any of them, well, is just isn’t much fun. Luckily, have provided you with a solution to your Poké-woes with an ace deal on a brand new iPhone 6s. If you head to their site you can nab the Apple smartphone with a contract of unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data all for a shockingly low price of £28 a month on Vodafone. Not only that but you only have to pay a paltry £25 upfront for the actual handset.

Head to mobile and enter the code 6S28VODA to redeem this deal. It’s a limited offer so if you don’t get a move on, all that giddy excitement and sweaty palms upon seeing the deal with be wasted when they’re all snapped up.

And remember, look what you’re doing walking no-one wants to be this dude and get your new iPhone drenched.