‘Polish An Orange’: The 15 Best Musical Tweets Of 2015, From Kanye West To Rihanna

It’s sometimes said that Twitter is no longer the Wild West it once was. Yes, the golden days of 2011 are behind us, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had – just ask these musicians, who packed a lorra lorra laughs and even a little wisdom into 140 characters this year.

That time Zomby said what we’re all thinking

That time JME made GCSE results day a little easier

That time Taylor reminded us she’s a mere mortal after all

That time Kanye gave us hope for Swish (or whatever he’s calling his new album now)

That time Jaden Smith was a philosopher and poet and award-worthy short story writer

That time Rihanna acknowledged that Peter Griffin stole her look

That time Olly Murs accidentally revealed who was leaving The X Factor

That time Yoko Ono was even more spiritual and motivational than Jaden Smith

That time Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus set the bar high

That time St. Vincent laid down a ground rule for life

That time Katy Perry coined the hashtag #Crotchella

That time Kanye stood on a table in the London 02 Nandos Before The Brits

That time an interviewer asked, “[What’s] your favourite dish?” and Demi Lovato replied, “I like mugs because they’re very comfortable in your hand”

That time Justin Bieber thanked Barry Manilow for praising his album (“Thanks Barry”)

That time Hudson Mohawke was an evil genius