Pond, ‘Hobo Rocket’ – Exclusive Album Stream

We’re very excited this morning to be able to offer the first listen to an album that’s already a favourite here in the NME offices. We named Pond the “hottest band in the world” last year after we heard their breakout album ‘Beard, Wives, Denim’, and the follow-up ‘Hobo Rocket’ sees the band live up to that billing and step out of Tame Impala’s substantial shadow. The band have previously called it a “full on crazy fiend rock and roll album”, but you can judge for yourself below ahead of the album’s release on August 5th.

Before you do, here’s Nick Allbrook to introduce you properly:

Welcome to our new album HOBO ROCKET. It’s pretty fun I reckon, I even still quite like it. It comes in a very pretty case with a picture of a tin foil clad vagrant on the front, not that you’d know that, right? Or maybe you’ve used your god-given powers of human deduction to notice the little picture on your computer screen, and have gone on to IMAGINE what the real thing is like. It’s cardboard, by the way.

HOBO ROCKET, by Pond. Its good for all occasions! Carpark headbanging, frat-parties, falling backwards off of not-quite-fatally high balconies, weddings, bar mitzvahs… hell, you could even chuck it on whilst making love to yr old lady, why not? It all depends how uncomfortable an atmosphere you can physically endure. Are you really a rock of social fortitude? Are you absolutely sure your girlfriend’s family like you? Are you confident in EVERY decision you make? God knows I’m not! Take this ridiculous introductory paragraph, for example.

Anyhow, enough crapshit from my facehole, go throw it on for Grandma’s sunday roast and put your friends and loved ones to the test, with HOBO ROCKET! Or alternatively, get blasted and listen to it on headphones in bed.

Either way, have a dang good time,
much love,
Ponf (Pond)