11 things you only know if you loved pop punk in the early noughties

Pop-punk: a noughties genre full of youthful exuberance that refuses to grow old. A flame that just won't be snuffed out. A pair of DCs all scuffed and battered but still watertight. The irreverent genre lives on in our hearts and our secret Spotify playlists, and a shared nostalgia for pop-punk from the early noughties is the glue that binds a generation as adulthood chips away at our psyches and our souls. And here are 11 things you'll already know if those words ring true to you, dear ageing, fossilised reader.

Take Off Your Pants And Jacket is a witticism worthy of Oscar Wilde


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Once you got the gag, everything changed. Also: the 2001 album remains Blink-182’s best. Discuss.

Long chino shorts were for all year round


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And, yeah, guilty, they always looked really fucking cool. New Found Glory were key proponents of this undying trend. They called their music “easycore”, which makes sense when you see they were men who wore shorts they could remove without taking off their shoes.

The video for My Chemical Romance’s ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’ is better than most films.



Eat it, Steven Spielberg.

The rap from Sum 41’s ”Fat Lip’ remains an all-time classic

And you could definitely recite it by heart. Big shouts to the elderly dude in the tank top dancing about in the video. Mad love, and respect.

American Hi-Fi had one good song

Man, though, what a song. “Her boyfriend / He don’t know / Anything about her.” We bet the low-life boyfriend from American Hard-Fi’s ‘Flavor Of The Weak’ and the low-life boyfriend from Wheatus’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag were really good mates, the absolute bad buggers.

Green Day’s ‘Warning’ was totally underrated




The received wisdom is that Billie Joe and co. lost it a bit with 2000’s ‘Warning’ and then pulled it back round with 2004’s pop-punk classic ‘American Idiot’. The people who tell you this are not evil, they’re not bad, they’re not quite people with no souls – but they are deeply, deeply mistaken. Have these people never heard ‘Minority’?

Soco Amaretto Lime sounded like the classiest, most exotic drink ever


Why else would Brand New have named a song after it? But then, oh dear, you stole the ingredients from your parents’ liquor cabinet and realised it tastes like Corona and lime after it’s passed through all four of a cow’s stomachs.

‘The Middle’ by Jimmy Eat World is literally the best song of all time

And that’s all there is to say about that.

Writing “Self Made” on your knuckles was the best way to pledge allegiance to Good Charlotte


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To be honest, it was only the really gnarly kids at school who did this, swaddled in massive Good Charlotte hoodies, coveting Dirty Sanchez DVDs, their lobe piercings the size of potholes and their hair resolutely unwashed. They were a little bit pop-punk, a little bit nu-metal, a little bit The Rasmus. Part of us feared the gnarly kids, and part of us wanted to be them.

It’s impossible to listen to ‘The Ballad’ by Millencolin without weeping

A song about a poor little dude who couldn’t get a date to the Prom, so hung out with his mum instead. No idea why he didn’t put on an ill-fitting suit, get high with his equally lame mates and go anyway, like the rest of us did, but there you go.

The only thing that made The OC even better was when they had All American Rejects on the soundtrack


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In the pop-punk era, every day was Chrismukkah.

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