#PopeBars Kept The Internet Entertained Last Night – Here Are 16 Of The Illest

“Ring ring Yeezy, it’s shutdown / Pope Mobile and it’s shutdown / Christ’s blood in litres, went to St. Peter’s / In a white cassock and it’s shutdown”

That’s NME‘s effort at #PopeBars, the hashtag that emerged on Twitter last night after a widely-circulated photo made Pope Francis look like an up-and-coming rapper. Cads were quick to give the Pope – Peezy, Pizzy, Piddy? – his own bars, and the hashtag took on a life of its own. Here are 16 of the illest attempts to give the Pope wicked flow…

It’s also been brought to our attention that Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari was a prolific tweeter of Pope Bars, coming up with these fine efforts:

Want more of NME‘s Papal correspondence? We also asked a Catholic Priest to review the Pope’s new album (it’s actually a thing) and spoke to its producer. Believe.