Porcelain Raft, King Charles, Devin – This Week’s Singles Reviewed

This week’s single releases according to NME‘s Emily Mackay…

Flash Fiktion

Porcelain Raft – ‘Unless You Speak From Your Heart’
The haunted disco space Mauro Remiddi inhabits (two lots down from The Weeknd and just round the corner from Atlas Sound) has a clear ‘NO MESSIN’’ sign on its door. “I don’t want to listen unless you speak with your heart”, he informs us in strident, glossy falsetto. You get the feeling he’d be a really annoying boyfriend to argue with.

Flash Fiktion – ‘Starry Glow’
Christ, I thought we’d got over everyone wanting to sound like Vampire Weekend. If the itchy-toed rhythms and big synth soaring choruses are all in place, though, this lot’s brain-dead electro-indie is closer to The Wombats than anything else. “When everything surrounds me… I look down at the streets below, get lost in a starry glow”, muses singer Matt Rokk. No, Matt, UP. The stars are up. Sheesh.



King Charles – ‘LoveBlood’
This extravagantly dreaded, Cavalier-moustached, trustafarian-tastic pillock is so ridiculous it’s almost impossible to hate him, and this Jamie T/Jack Peñate-like bit of skank-pop is bright and exuberant enough to make you thoroughly hate yourself instead. He’s like a reggae-indie Adam Ant. Well, he reckons.


Nik Colk Void – ‘Gold E’
Ah, finally, someone that’s not pissing about. Factory Floor’s sonic sculptress Nik, when left to her own devices, deals in the sort of abrasive, art-noise sounds that could do your soul serious damage. It’s like listening to pirate radio broadcasting from the space-hell-dimension in Event Horizon. You definitely don’t need eyes where this woman’s going.

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Devin – ‘You’re Mine’
Like a favourite leather jacket, a good old Richard Hell/Modern Lovers-style clattering rock’n’roll racket never gets old, just softer and seedier. “Baby, c’mon, there ain’t much worth saving…” bawls Devin Therriault, accurately, but you know that when the rock’n’roll house burns to the ground in suspicious circumstances, this quiff-topped, weird-faced young hobbledehoy will grab all the right things off the nightstand and shimmy down the drainpipe to safety.


Tashaki Miyaki – ‘Sings The Everly Brothers’
The last word in David Lynch, dreamworld, creeped-out, slowed-down, reverb-laden, girl-group, faintly twisted and haunted ’50s Americana. I loved Blue Velvet as well, and yes, Lesley Gore is great, but really, that’s enough now. We could all take an Everly Brothers song and sing it like a smacked-out tosser.


This article originally appeared in the February 18th issue of NME

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