There’s a cute new portable record player that runs rings around your vinyl

In the late ’70s, The Walkman made music truly portable. After the slightly wobbly CD equivalent, the Discman, we got Apple’s iPod and ultimate music-on-the-go goodness. Despite attempts with devices like the Sound Burger (watch it in action and want one forever), vinyl has never really been able to nail that freedom and mobility. Until now, that is.

As spotted by The Verge, a revolutionary new record player could mean that you no longer need your clunky record player. Actually, you’ll be able carry a turntable the size of a fag-packet wherever you go. Here, take a look at it in action below.


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The premise is simple, you lay your record flat, place the the little gadget on the outside of the record and relax – as it whizzes round in dizzying fashion to play your record. Not only that, but the technology used to create Rokblok means that player has built-in speakers (though you can connect to external speakers via bluetooth, if you like). The project is currently on Kickstarter at a cost of $79 – roughly £62 – and will begin shipping in September 2017.

Purists will note that this isn’t the first time a portable record player – the VW Soundwagon had this nailed down way before.

So there you have it. The Walkman equivalent for vinyl may have finally arrived, and you now can play your records out and about. You might get funny looks from fellow commuters, or the people at the next table in the coffee shop, but at least you now have the option – right?


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