Post-VMAs, Is Florence Poised To Break America?

Florence Welch and her fabulous Machine were in Los Angeles this weekend for their starmaking appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards (incidentally, ‘Dog Days Are Over’ only won one VMA, for Best Art Direction, but it was well-deserved).

Florence at the VMAs

So on Saturday, September 11, Flo dropped into the indie Echo Park record boutique Origami Vinyl for a “surprise” in-store appearance. Of course, nothing remains a secret in L.A. for very long – especially not when Origami Vinyl tweets about it, announcing that the first 40 fans to buy ‘Lungs’ on vinyl will get guaranteed-entry wristbands to the intimate performance – so unsurprisingly, the store was swamped.

The in-store was filmed for broadcast by VEVO at a later date, but for those who can’t wait for that and weren’t lucky enough to shoehorn themselves into Origami’s tiny space, here are a couple of performance clips.


Considering that Florence’s VMAs performance was the highlight of the otherwise dull ceremony and definitely the breakthrough that will finally make her a superstar in the States, this in-store was probably the last time Florence And The Machine will ever play a gig this small.

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