Post War Years’ New Single – Free MP3

Nizlopi, ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Aleister Crowley… Just when you thought Leamington Spa couldn’t give anything more to the world, along come Post War Years.

Post War Years

Shining out a dazzling beacon of highly-strung energy through the dross of naive no-hopes and washed-up relics that have been littering my desk of late, you could tell from the outset this was a winner.

Digital blips that sound like pebbles dropped to the bottom of a bath, quasi-hardcore string-picked breakdowns, edgy drums seemingly played by a man falling off the edge of a cliff – all very arch and very clever, and no doubt played live with electrocuted marionette precision (as per below) and yet still retaining that all-important human heart.

You can her visit their MySpace page here.

Download Post War YearsWhole World On Its Head herelink. Let me know what you think.

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