Preacher: There’s A ‘Breaking Bad’ Easter Egg In New Episode ‘Finish The Song’

This week’s Preacher features bloodthirsty vampires, grizzled sharpshooters and a tonne of gratuitous comic book violence. More of the excellent same from the AMC show, then. What we weren’t expecting though, was another of the network’s prized shows to make a cunning appearance.

Hidden away in episode nine of series one is a subtle connection to everyone’s favourite show from the past 10 years, Breaking Bad. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that, in ‘Finish The Song’, angels DeBlanc and Fiore get picked up by a van at the exact same spot Walter and Jesse met Ed the Exterminator in season five of Breaking Bad. What a coincidence, huh?


Well, not really actually. Preachershowrunner Sam Catlin worked as executive producer on Breaking Bad, and of course understands the significance of the iconic location.

Both shows are mostly filmed in Albuquerque, which explains the repeat usage of sets. But that might not be the only reason for the cheeky reference…

The fact the set also looks like a cemetery was taken by many as *MASSIVE SPOILERS* foreshadowing the death of Walter White. Could the inclusion in Preacher spell similar danger for the angels – or any other Annville resident?

Even if that’s not the case, it’s still a cool nugget for loyal AMC viewers to fanboy/girl over. But is it as good as this Arrested Development goodie hidden inside the latest Captain America film?


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