Prince Was A Big Fan Of This Skit About Him

One of Prince’s finest qualities was his mystique. Stories involving The Purple One would emerge and we’d never really know if they were fact or indeed a piece of elaborate fiction.

But there’s one brilliant story that we know is true involving actor/musician Eddie Murphy and his brother Charlie back in the 1980’s, which has been immortalised in a brilliant skit by American comedian Dave Chappelle in Chappelle’s Show from 2004.

Murphy claims that the pair were partying in a club when they were approached by Prince to return to his Paisley Park complex and listen to music, but they ended up playing Prince in a game of basketball with him still being clad in his party gear.

Years later Prince would confirm that the story was indeed true and that he “loved” the sketch, adding that he beat Murphy not because “that I’m that great, he’s just so bad.”

In 2013, Prince got the last laugh when used Chappelle’s impression of him as a single cover for his single ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ – which Chappelle called a “Prince Judo move” in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, saying “What am I going to do — sue him for using a picture of me dressed up like him?… That’s checkmate right there.”

“Game, blouses” as Prince would say.