Propagandhi Takeover – The Oceans Can’t Take Any More

Do they broadcast a show called ‘Whale Wars’ [No, but that’s no reason to stop reading – Ed] in the UK? I haven’t actually seen it myself, but maybe you’re familiar with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society because of it?

We just got back from Australia the other day and while we were there were lucky to meet up with crew members from the Steve Irwin, fresh off Operation Musashi (its Antartic Whale Defense Campaign, where they’ve been engaged in a harrowing confrontation with the Japanese whaling fleet. You an check the video here).

Less than one per cent of the planet’s living creatures live on land, so you’ll have to excuse Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society for his “single-mindedness” when it comes to defending the oceans from human encroachment and exploitation. We humans constitute less than 0.1 per cent of life on Earth and act like we are entitled to the rest of it. Humans continue to terrorize and destroy the largest-brained sentient mammals in the history of earth and enlist the services of PR firms to cloak the brutality in the vestments of scientific research.

In my mind, there are two forseeable futures: 1) A world where the oceans are completely and utterly obliterated – with terrestrial life soon to follow suit or 2) A world where the ocean is no longer treated like a garbage dump/slaughterhouse and people look back in wonder and reverence at a time when the only rational response to the insanity was mounted by a rag-tag crew of tenacious motherfuckers who risked their lives and limbs and liberties to stanch the bleeding.

Mark it on your calendar, people. You’re living in an age of real-life folk-heroes. Your grandchildren may one day ask what you did to support their work. You might want to have an answer that doesn’t completely embarrass yourself.