Proper ‘Wakki’ Pop

Weirdos making music in leftfield genres – so predictable. Now what if those same eccentrics had a bash at subverting mainstream stuff? And they did it successfully? Well it would be amazing, and it might sound something like Sputniko!


Sputniko! is a squeezably cute computer programmer who larks about with all sorts of tech wizardry and sing-along tunes. Armed with her trusty armpit Wimmote – a device which emits sounds via Bluetooth disguised as a knitted puppet called Wakki – her live shows are a fantastical, otherwordly blend of off-kilter musings and boys dressed up as giant robots doing dance routines behind her.

Now if your radar for all things irritatingly twee is flashing red, don’t fear. Sputniko! is sweet in places, and truly wack-job in others. Her subject matter ranges from JPop songs about her love for, erm, the male member to Italian-language offerings about nosh.


She also loves to experiment, and it’s entertaining; which makes for a refreshing change from po-faced blokes bashing away at laptops.

Here she showcases a pair of glasses she is building that scratch records, using an accelerometer.

It’s all brilliant, but ‘The Google Song’ is one of my favourites.

It’s something of an über-geek anthem, and will stick in your head like glue.