Public Nakedness? Call The Cops!

When public nudity collides with the world of music, it generally means one of two things: the Red Hot Chili Peppers are in town or festival season is upon us.

What’s interesting though, is the way in which public nudity in America gets such a bad rap. Janet Jackson knows all about that.

But at Coachella this year flesh-baring was greeted by the local law enforcers with the kind of welcome that a cake juggler might expect in a famine camp. Pounced upon and eventually hauled off, the “naked wizard” in the video below is even tasered by the police for daring to air his man-peanut in public.

It’s pretty hideous viewing. Imagine those cops at Glastonbury, where wandering around naked is seen as mildly amusing and somehow amiably eccentric – the Green Fields and Stone Circle would look like a full scale battleground of flapping hippie penises and flying police truncheons.

Naked wizard tasered at Coachella 2009:

There’s more police-chasing-naked-folk in one of the best new music videos to appear in a while. Matt and Kim’s ‘Lessons Learned’ is a catchy track, but made all the better by the heartstring-yanking magnificence of the video below. Make sure to watch all the way to the very end for the fantastic twist…

Matt and Kim – ‘Lessons Learned’:

Meanwhile, this is how running around naked goes down in Paris, France. A few smiles and no foaming-at-the-mouth cops to be seen anywhere. Just too cool, those French.

Make The Girls Dance – ‘Baby Baby Baby’: