Hollywood’s next big things Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger talk first gigs and bumper car dates

The pair star in new tragi-rom flick 'Midnight Sun'

Bella Thorne is the former Disney star who allegedly got kicked out of her hotel room at Sundance for smoking weed, Patrick Schwarzenegger is the up-and-coming young actor with a somewhat familiar dad. Together they star in new movie Midnight Sun, a simple girl meets guy but girl can’t ever go in the sunlight due to a tragic medical condition story with added tunes – Bella’s character Katie Price (no relation) plays guitar and writes a mean folk-pop banger. NME’s Olly Richards caught up with them both to talk about the film.

Your movie is about a girl who has never dated before. How would you rate yourselves as daters?

Schwarzenegger: “My character is a very good dater. He’s taking her on train rides to Seattle and taking her to concerts and out for Chinese food and everything. So I think I need to step my game up a little, but I like to consider myself a good boyfriend or dater.”


Thorne: “I’m pretty damn good, actually.”

Schwarzenegger: “She is.”

Thorne: “I’m a hopeless romantic so if you’re dating me and you go away, you’ll find things in your hotel room left by me. I love romance. Any time I can get something for someone or write something for someone or show up and do something for someone, I gotta do it. I love seeing people happy. It’s so nice when you see someone smile and know they’re smiling because it’s very genuine. I love that.”

What is your cannot-fail first date?

Schwarzenegger: “My perfect date is hikes or bike rides and then amazing food. Those are the main components: food and stuff that’s outdoors. Maybe a movie and some dessert. Me and Bella were talking about this yesterday, whether you prefer a one-on-one date or a group date in the beginning. We both thought it was more fun to do group dates early on and go out with friends, so it’s not too serious.”

Thorne: “I’ll have to go with Patrick on that one because I love dates that are just like that.”

Group dates? Do people still do that after about the age of 14?

Thorne: “I love a group date!”


Schwarzenegger: “I’m 24 and I still do it.”

Thorne: “Oh man. You go on the bumper cars and it’s so much fun. Bumper car group date! Are. You. Serious, bro?”

That is quite specific. Honestly had no idea bumper cars were a major dating activity.

Thorne: “Seriously, so fun. Look into it.”

In this movie, Katie is taken to her first gig. What were your first gigs?

Schwarzenegger: “You mean like concerts? I think maybe a Bon Jovi one with my parents, or Springsteen. It would have been something that my parents brought me to. As my own teenage self with friends, Coachella was always the fun thing to go to in middle school. It was the time you felt free.”

Thorne: “Mine was the Jay-Z/Kanye tour that they did back in the day. I saw them in London. I was doing press for Shake It Up at the time. We went with our parents to see it and it was crazy.”

And what was the most recent concert you went to?

Thorne: “My own?”

It doesn’t count as attending a gig if you’re performing.

Thorne: “My boyfriend’s concert [rapper Mod Sun], on this press tour. We all went to see him in Minneapolis.”

Schwarzenegger: “It was his birthday.”

Thorne: “It was super lit.”

Bella, you’ve been acting for many years, despite being only 20. Patrick, you’re newer to acting but you grew up with a megastar dad. What’s the most useful advice you’ve been given about the business?

Thorne: “I have never been given any useful acting advice. I have been given good general advice.”

Let’s go with that then. Most useful advice ever?

Thorne: “There was a point where I was having a really difficult time figuring out if I wanted to change myself to be better liked. I was on this movie [The Death and Life of John F. Donovan] and I was talking about it with Jessica Chastain. I said, “I don’t know, everybody likes me this way, so maybe I should be that way and that would be better.” She said, “No no no no, do not say that. You got yourself here. It’s not because of anyone else, it’s because people are interested in you. So keep doing you.” It’s very simple advice, but I really took it home.”

Schwarzenegger: “My parents have both given me great advice about just following what I loved to do. They encouraged me to have a dream and then utilise every day to make it toward that dream.”

Midnight Sun is out March 30