Pure Reason Revolution, Sleigh Bells, Crystal Castles, Kanye – Free MP3 Downloads

Prog/metal/electro ambassadors Pure Reason Revolution made their return this autumn with third album ‘Hammer & Anvil’. Co-written and co-produced by ex-Cooper Temple Clause (RIP) man Tom Bellamy, it’s a much heavier affair than its spacey predecessors and (on the likes of our freebie, opening track ‘Fight Fire, in particular) should appeal as much to fans of Pendulum as Yes or Mogwai.


This is what they’re famous for.

And this is what they’re doing now (from last week’s Scala show).

Download Pure Reason Revolution’s ‘Fight Fire’ here

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Sleigh Bells have made a mixtape for RCRD LBL featuring Crystal Castles, Kanye West and Gorillaz. Grab it here.