There’s a video of Putin singing Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ and we really want it to be real

Is the Russian leader secretly a massive Thom Yorke fan?

You wouldn’t have thought it but Russia’s dead-eyed President Vladimir Putin and Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke have more in common than you’d initially guess. There’s even a stupid YouTube conspiracy theory video about it. Well, when we say things in common, basically they share a birthday (October 7), each signed their first employment contracts at the age of 23 (Yorke with EMI, Putin with the KGB) and both like bears. If that doesn’t prove that they’re definitely clones then I don’t know what would.

Is it more plausible that Putin is actually just a big Radiohead fan? Well, he does run a country that uses the band’s old press photos to advertise pharmaceutical goods. The plot thickened even further with this soon-to-go-viral video of Putin appearing to do ‘Creep’ karaoke on a national stage. “I wish I was a special,” Putin seems to sing in broken English, shrugging during the “I’m a creep” line.

Okay, so it’s already been proven that this isn’t real. The footage actually comes from a 2010 charity concert where Putin belted out Louis Armstrong/Fats Domino classic ‘Blueberry Hill’. But hey, let’s ignore that for a second. Allow us to feign ignorance and revel in this bit of #FAKENEWS just this one time.