Kasabian On Their Homecoming Shows At The King Power: ‘This Is A Time Capsule Gig’

Just hours before Kasabian took to the stage in their hometown Leicester, we managed to grab Tom Meighan and Serge Pizzorno for a quick chat backstage at the King Power Stadium. Here’s what they said about the importance of these gigs, new Kasabian music, and how Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy can win England the Euros this summer.

So you’ve done Victoria Park, headlined Glastonbury, but are these the biggest gigs for you emotionally?

Tom: “Emotionally they’re massive because this what you dream of when you’re boys. We used to have the ground over there, Filbert Street, that’s been knocked down so yeah it’s emotional this is.”


Serge: “Without a doubt, yeah.”

Are you both nervous or excited for today?

Tom: “Excited! Not nervous. It’s just going to be great there’s nothing to be nervous about. It’s a rock show, innit!”

Serge: “Can’t wait really to get out there. This is a time capsule gig. This is the one 300 years from now people will pull out the clipping of the paper. This is a proper huge day for the city.”

You’ve got the whole of Leicester out again, was that your intention when you announced these gigs?

Tom: “We were supposed to play it last year, but we thought we wouldn’t do it y’know? Now seems like the right time to do it, it’s perfect for us to do it at this time after they’ve won the league.”


Serge: “Totally. East Midlands massive!”


Any surprises or new music you’re going to share this weekend?
Tom: “Yeah we’ve got a few bits we’re gonna play.”

Has it been inspired by Leicester’s win?
Tom: “Kind of, but Leicester won the league a month ago or something now so it’s been building up for a while. So we’ve been playing and toying with ideas for a bit, y’know? Just sitting down and writing songs again.”

How far along are you with any new music?
Tom: “Nothing concrete at the minute but we’ve got some ideas which we’re just rehearsing.”

Any of the players coming down?
Tom: “I’m not sure, I’ve not looked, mate. Probably on holiday now, but there must be a couple of them coming down, there must be. Be great if they are.”

Serge: “They’re in Vegas!”

How about manager Claudio Ranieri?
Serge: “I don’t think so, he’s in Rome! We invited him but he said ‘look, I need to be in Italy’. He can do what he wants!”

Did you ask if you could borrow the trophy for the stage?
Tom: “Nah, we don’t need a trophy man. We’ve lifted that. We’ve done that. We don’t need the trophy on there that belongs to them.”

Serge: “I thought about it, but we did that the other night so tonight’s all about the music.”


How have you prepared for today’s gig?
Tom: “Just chilled out, it’s a long day isn’t it? It’s a long long day.”

Now the league’s done, the Euros are coming up, reckon Jamie Vardy can will England on to victory?
Tom: “I hope England do it, hope they do really well. They’ve got a great chance because they’ve got such a youthful squad and a bunch of inspiring and amazing new players, like amazing players – so we’ve got a great chance. I hope they do well, I think its the best chance they can win it, but France are favourites aren’t they? England can really win it though.

You gotta play him [Vardy] and [Harry] Kane upfront, it’s obvious! You don’t put Vardy on the wing you play the two upfront. He’ll kill you and destroy you.”

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