Q&A: Mumford & Sons on Hyde Park 2016 And Their Plans For New Music

Mumford & Sons have been revealed as headliners of London’s Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park 2016. They’ll be headlining the event on July 8 – the day before Take That play the same venue – with support from Wolf Alice and Alabama Shakes. We spoke to guitar player Winston Marshall and bassist Ted Dwane about what’s in store for the show as well as getting the scoop on their plans for the follow up to 2015’s third album ‘Wilder Mind’…

You’ve played Hyde Park a few times now…
Winston Marshall: “We have, but we’ve never headlined it. We played it supporting Arcade Fire and then we did it in a tent. Last year I saw Neil Young and The National and it was fucking wicked. I think we wanted to do it because we loved Olympic Park when we did that two years ago. We want to play everywhere and it does feel quite fresh for us to play it. I guess other places that we really want to play eventually would be Finsbury Park.”

You must have got a lot of festival offers for next summer – why decide on this one?
Winston: “We did Reading and Leeds last summer, so I guess we can’t do that again! And then Glastonbury are like ‘nah we’ve got all our headliners for like the next five years’, which is obviously not true, they just don’t want us back!”


Ted Dwane: “We do love doing the festivals and planning a route around Europe or America – it’s pretty much the best fun you can have as a band, thinking what would be cool to do. This will be the second summer for this record and we want to do something really, really great. I mean we’re not just going to do four nights at the O2 or something, although that would be awesome, but something better than that, something outdoors. We obviously did the Olympic Park a few years ago which was very much in this arena. It’s almost like we were holding off from Hyde Park last time. To rally up a great line-up and have this to look forward to so far in advance, it’s a really big deal for us. It’s very different to a festival headline slot or something; it feels a bit more like your own gig.

What’s in store for the show?
Winston: “We’re gonna fucking give it. I think now we’re at this point where the old songs and the new songs are fucking great together and now we’re looking to write new songs and write new records. I guess we know our stuff more. Basically we’re confident on stage. Alabama Shakes are playing – we’d love to fucking collaborate with those guys, and do something with them. Their last album is easily one of my albums of the year.
It’s just such a good record. So I hope to do something with those guys at Hyde Park.”

Is there a chance of new material at the show?
Winston: “I’d say there’s a high chance.”
Ted: “It’s hard to say, but we’re really keen to not stop again. It was a really important move to take a little break, have some time at home and rest a bit, but I think this time we’re really keen to roll in and do it a little bit more like how we did it before; which is, you know, playing some new stuff. So if there is anything written then we‘ll probably be playing it. There might be one or two new ones by then hopefully. We’re writing all the time!”

Will Hyde Park be Mumford & Sons’ only UK festival appearance next year?

Ted: “Probably, yeah. It’s certainly the only thing we’re planning right now. I think, to do a big one like that, you do want to focus not only everyone’s attention on it, but our own as well. It’s quite good, from within a band, just to pull back the moment. I don’t think we want to dilute it for our own minds, or anyone else’s. So that’s likely to be the only thing, I think.”