Q&A: Run The Jewels Talk Jimmy Page, Cats And Taking Out The Trash

Run The Jewels, hip-hop supergroup consisting of Killer Mike and El-P discuss winning Best International Band supported by Austin, Texas at this year’s NME Awards with Austin, Texas.

At last year’s NME Awards you met Jimmy Page and said you wanted to kidnap him. Did you?
Mike: “Had we actually been able to kidnap Jimmy Page he’d have been all over [our album] ‘RTJ3’. I’m a huge Zeppelin fan. We were really stoked to chase him down and jump in pictures with him. I almost peed my pants.”

How did you approach this year’s ceremony?
El-P: “By smoking marijuana and silently meditating on our victory. Awards ceremonies are great if we’re there and we’re the recipient of an award. The NME one was fun last year because we got to play and it was a good vibe and everyone was really cool.”


Have you ever won anything before?
El-P: “I didn’t even win a perfect attendance award at school. The only thing I’ve ever won is a slow, steady rise.”
Mike: “I was first grade king. I was Mr Yearbook, sexiest chubby boy in ninth grade homeroom. And I actually have a Grammy.”


Why do you deserve to win?
Best International Act?
Mike: “Presuming that you deserve it could be considered arrogant but we worked our asses off! When we come to Europe and rock it’s pretty important to
us, so to get Best International Band is f***in’ great. I’m stoked.”

Do the cats from your feline-only ‘Meow The Jewels’ remix album deserve the award as much as you?
Mike: “The cats deserve a shout-out, but the people who really deserve a shout-out, bigger than the cats, is the fans who got behind it. The money made from that album helps to fund lawyer representation for protesters and political activists around the world. I’m very happy about what we’ve been able to do because of some dumb-ass cats.”


How do you feel about winning?
Mike: “I feel like the king of the f***ing world for a day. Then I’ll get home, my wife will tell me to take out the trash and I’ll return to regular husbandry.”