Quarantunes: a daily playlist of upbeat songs to help you through self-isolation

As we all quarantine ourselves in the name of humankind, here are the banging tracks keeping our spirits up

Look, we’re not going to sit here and remind you how bad everything is right now. You already know that shit’s getting very real. But if you’re in a position to do so, please help your local scene, the invaluable venues they play, independent record shops and everyone along the chain – this is a situation that could change the face of emerging music forever. If you’re able to help – well, that’d be mighty fine.

Something we can all do, though, is be responsible and keep our distance from our pals. With COVID-19 rampaging across the globe, self-isolating indoors will sadly be necessary for a little while. Musicians have responded admirably – bands are utilising the internet in magnificent ways to reach fans impacted by show cancellations and delayed releases. Some are playing shows directly to fans with nifty live streams, while recommendations and diary entries are flooding in to keep us well occupied while doing our civic duty.

So, if you are one of the people who are able to work from home, that doesn’t mean the music stops. Those who are adjusting to new working spaces and need tunes to help them focus, we’ve already got you covered: these ethereal/banging (or both) tracks will help you hone in tasks while working in your pants.


And if you’re clamouring for some upbeat songs to keep you going, we’ve got you. Every day we’ll update our Quarantunes playlist below with a collection of the songs that are keeping the NME team going while away from our beloved HQ in London. Some of the songs may be familiar, while others might be a brand new discovery, but they all absolutely slap.

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