Halloween Quiz: can you tell the horror film from the business card?

Business as unusual

Happy Halloween! The one day a year you’re allowed to actively encourage your children to take candy from strangers, and leaving the house wearing only a sheet isn’t deemed weird. But if you’re “too old” for trick-or-treating, it’s time to settle down on the sofa with all the sweets you don’t want to give your neighbours kids and a classic horror film.

But then come the arguments, what film to watch? Go with a classic, or try one of the abundance of terrible new options? Slasher or psychological? Well to waste time as your house mates argue, why not enjoy a bit of Halloween related quizery?

To get into the spooky season our pals at Dorothy have created this excellent range of horror film themed business cards. Each of their excellent designs corresponds to a iconic character from a horror film in years gone by. Think you know your ‘Friday the 13th’ from your ‘Funny Games’? Your ‘Halloween’ from your, er, ‘Halloween III’? Take our quiz and see how many of the business cards you can match to the film!