Quiz: Can you tell the Bowie album from just one letter

How many can you get?

A musical chameleon and song writing extraordinaire, there’s no denying that David Bowie was an absolute legend. From his 1967 self-titled debut, to the masterful final offering of ‘Blackstar’ – across almost five decades Bowie gave us some of the most iconic musical offerings of all time.

Dorothy’s latest print shows off every single one of the ‘B’s used in David Bowie’s name across his 25 studio albums. Think you can recognise each of them? Sure you can tell your ‘Let’s Dance’ from your ‘Low’? Give the devilishly hard quiz a go and see:

How many did you get? Were you one of the ‘Heroes’ or did you need to try again ‘The Next Day’? Maybe you’ll just have to revisit every single one of the albums to ensure your perfect score.