Quiz: Can you guess the sci-fi film from the font?

How many will you get?

Whether you’re a Trekkie or it’s all about Star Wars; can’t get enough of the Alien series or prefer Terminator – you can’t deny that sometimes there is nothing better than a good, proper sci-fi film. With the chance to escape from the grind of 9 to 5, and instead indulge in a world of space or robots (or both) – what better way is there to spend a lazy, hung-over weekend.

As part of their Alphabet range, Dorothy are now selling this excellent A to Z of sci-fi films poster, using the fonts and logos from famous flicks over the decades to make up the entire alphabet; but how many of the letters can you recognise? Take our quiz and find out:

Were you a sci-fi buff or a sci-fi not good enough? Did you know your Calibri from your Comic Sans? You can always brush up on your sci-fi knowledge and try the whole thing again. And if you smashed it, revel in your excellent knowledge and the fact you’re an absolute asset to your pub quiz team!