Is this a Lana Del Rey song or Jaden Smith Tweet?

Know your 'Lust For Life' from your Jaden-ism?

Lana Del Rey’s fifth album ‘Lust for Life‘ featured the likes of A$AP Rocky, Stevie Nicks, Sean Ono Lennon, The Weeknd and more.

But aside from the big name collaborations and the stellar album, the main thing we noticed is the similarity the song titles have to Jaden Smith’s Tweets. Jaden’s become infamous for Tweeting out his own brand of existential insight to his 6 million plus followers, offering up nuggets of wisdom like: “The Moment That Truth Is Organized It Becomes A Lie.” and who could forget this tragic tale in less than 140 characters: “Hey Are You Jaden Can I Have A Picture With You” No Cause I’m Super Sad But We Can Sit And Talk.”

They’re unusually similar. Try this quiz and see if you can determine whether this is a Lana Del Rey song title from ‘Lust for Life’, or a Jaden Smith Tweet.

/iframe>Words: Seth Clayson