Quiz: Who Said It? An ‘Apprentice’ Candidate Or Kanye West?

The twelfth series of The Apprentice has just been announced, and it looks exactly the same as the past 12 series: a bingey combination of narcissistic personality clashing, shit team names, and general shouting at the TV. The show will now be running on Thursdays, instead of Wednesdays, starting October 6.

Of course, the best bit about any new series of The Apprentice is when they introduce the new characters with mysterious silhouettes and terrible quotes taken from their audition tapes. When the only way to land a spot on the show is to act like a complete dick, you’re going to say some stupid shit, and entertain the UK population no end in the process.

Only one man has said enough bizarre things to compete with The Apprentice candidates for dumbfounding weirdness. In many ways, Kanye West represents everything The Apprentice is really about. Confidence, bravado, ranting, and occasional glimmers of genius.

So it makes sense that sometimes The Apprentice and Kanye quotes are basically indistinguishable from each other, even for fans of both. Though I reckon Kanye definitely sees himself more as a Lord Sugar (basically Steve Jobs) than Shug’s apprentice. I mean, he is planning to run for president, just like the The Apprentice US head honcho Donald Trump (The Apprentice: Kanye Edition would be TV gold. Imagine the tweets).

If you really think you know Kanye better than anyone, it’s time to put your knowledge of his ludicrous quotes to the test. It’s time to play: ‘Who Said It: An Apprentice Candidate Or Kanye West?’