Quiz: who said it Plato or Dumbledore?

Know your philosopher from your Philosopher's Stone?

For Potter fans July 31st will always be a special day. Not only is it JK Rowling’s birthday, it’s also her illustrious character’s special day. As Rowling turns 52, today would be Harry Potter’s 37th birthday.

But as well as the adventures of the boy who lived, Rowling’s best sellers also brought us some of the most inspiring quotes of the past two decades.


Professor Albus Dumbledore became notorious for his sage wisdom, which he dished out to anybody who’d listen. Whenever Harry and the gang got into a spot of bother, the Hogwarts headmaster would pop up to offer advice.


But his quotable tidbits hold a certain similarity to another legendary philosopher: Plato.

So we’re putting you to the test, can you work out who said it: Plato, or Dumbledore?

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