Radar Band Of The Week No:58 – This Many Boyfriends

Leeds’ favourite new indie kids are set to reclaim music from synth pop posers and Britpop bores.

You know what the best lyric ever is? It’s “I hate chillwave and I hate witch house”. You can thank This Many Boyfriends for that. And you should thank them, because someone has to fight against the thick-fringed middle England twentysomething students hiding their £50,000-a-term accent behind cryptic synths and hypnagogic nu-gaze.

This Many Boyfriends are Leeds’ newest indie pop superheroes and they’re kicking out against the antisocial elitism of trust fund esoterica. “Take off your hoods and turn off the smoke machines…” moans singer and leader Richard Brooke. “It’s all so postured, why are people hiding from themselves? They should just be having fun.”


If you’ve ever heard TMB’s tune ‘Young Lovers Go Pop!’ (which you can also check out HERE or listen below), you’ll know about having fun. It’s a ridiculous bouncy castle of a track that jumps around like The Cribs’ early career, swapping the squats and head injuries for cardigans and shit-eating grins. “We’re reclaiming indie,” says Richard unselfconsciously. “It’s become a dirty word – what with landfill indie, and that. But we want to turn it back into something positive and creative. We’re not Viva Brother, we’re not into making huge claims about how significant we are, but that’s what we want.”

It’s not hard to see that happening. They’re somewhere between the fey romanticism of Morrissey, the literacy of Orange Juice and the kind-hearted venom of a styleless Modern Lovers. It’s a fun enough package to resell the twee sensibilities of indie pop to a world tired of blog pretensions and refried lad rock. “We just want people to start dancing again. It seems like people have spent the last three years standing at the back of gigs, trying to look cool. And support bands have been guilty of being too deferential to the bands they’re playing with. We’ll put on a show and challenge the band we’re supporting.” It’s true. They do give it all. And they’ll turn any grumpy room into a well-meaning moshpit. In fact, the last time Radar saw them play we broke our finger. And it was worth it.

George Vegas

Need To Know

For Fans Of: The Smiths, The Cribs

On The Road: The band play London (August 25, September 22) and Leeds (November 12)

Buy It: Single ‘Young Lovers Go Pop!’ (Angular) is in stores on Monday (August 29)

Believe It Or Not: By pure fluke, the single was saved from the PIAS fire when Angular boss Joe Daniel “forgot” to order a load of gold stickers for the cover, causing the entire shipment to be delayed by a day.