Radiant Dragon’s “Chinese-Kraut Electro Spacerock” – Free MP3

Radiant Dragon calls his music Chinese-kraut electro spacerock because he’s not sure what else to call it. “‘Chinese-kraut’ because I’m trying to get across the rhythmic drive of kraut music- I’m German-born- with the nostalgic and emotional nature of Chinese music,” he explains.

Radiant Dragon

“‘Electro spacerock’ is because I like combining 90s rave-electro-synth programming with 60s psych guitar and irregular dance rhythms with a rock backbeat. And ‘space’ because I try to create a sense of atmosphere within the dense layers of sounds.”

His song Oysters is about the death of the 23 Morecambe bay cockle pickers. “It’s about their dreams of a better life overseas,” he says.

His songs are travelogues, “about places I’ve been, dream about going to or imagine how they were in the past.” These songs were all recorded from his ‘suitcase studio’ as he wandered between London, Wales and Singapore.

You can sample some Chinese-kraut electro spacerock by downloading Oysters below or head over to Pinglewood for the bewitching Cloud Seeding.

Download Radiant Dragon’s Oysters here

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