Radiohead At Spring Break, The Grammys And On ‘Later…’ – Their Best TV Performances

According to guitarist Jonny Greenwood, Radiohead’s ninth album will be released within the next year, and Greenwood recently stated that he hopes to tour in support of the album during 2016. This follows conflicting reports of the band’s progress on the full-length, and if we’ve learned anything from the fragments of information that have been trickling in about the upcoming record over the past year or so, it’s that the band still maintain an air of great mystique and keep fans guessing.

But they’ve not always been so publicity shy, so ahead of their ninth LP release (which hope will surface next year), we’re running through their best televised live performances: from playing in front of kids on their spring break to performing at the Grammys.

‘Creep’ in front of spring-breakers on MTV Beach House, 1993


Taking things Stateside in promotion of their debut ‘Pablo Honey’, some record executive thought it a wise idea to pair Thom Yorke and co up with a bunch of college kids for their first US TV appearance. Performing to Valley kids in Bermuda shorts, the lines “What the hell am I doing here?/I don’t belong here” could not be more apt. At least Yorke’s bleach-blonde locks suited the beach setting. We’ll have to wait for the memoirs to find out which band member was the best at Beer Pong though.

‘Just’ lip-synched on France’s Hit Machine, 1996

Just like Kurt Cobain mocking Top Of The Pops up by singing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ in the style of Morrissey, Radiohead decided to stick two firm fingers up to being asked to mime by French show Hit Machine. Thom provides interpretive dance moves to the song’s lyrics while Jonny Greenwood plays his guitar left-handed. Great viewing all round.

‘The Bends’ on Later… With Jools Holland, 1997


Following the success of their first record, ‘The Bends’ was the first piece of evidence that Radiohead were something special indeed. This vintage performance showed a band realising their true potential and being able to executing that perfectly. And, of course, no Later … With Jools Holland performance would be complete without the host pronouncing the band’s name like he’s never heard it before.

‘Blowout’ on The Beat, 1993

Radiohead’s first televised performance was alongside Suede and others on ITV’s The Beat. You realise just how small an entity the band were at the time by the fact that the presenter had scant details on the band beyond where they come from.

’15 Steps’ with a marching band at the Grammy Awards, 2009

Perhaps the most euphoric Radiohead performance you’ll ever see, with the band delivering a mammoth-sized rendition of ‘In Rainbows’ cut ’15 Steps’ backed by the USC Marching Band. The performance received glowing reviews from viewers, critics and even Miley Cyrus, the latter of whom the band reportedly snubbed when she tried to meet them afterwards.