Check Out This Mash-Up Of Radiohead’s ‘Burn The Witch’ With Chart Banger ‘Panda’

Who would’ve thought that a song based on a beat from Rochdale could create such a storm in the music world? First ‘Panda’ – by Brooklyn rapper-on-the-rise Desiigner – got sampled on Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo, and then Ye even popped up in the video. Now the track’s been spliced with killer new Radiohead song ‘Burn The Witch’.

Web-remix extraordinaires The Hood Internet are responsible for said mash-up, and it even kind of works! Stream it below.

Carried along by the rumbling, insistent groove of the indie overlords’ new take, ‘Burn The Panda’ has a brooding intensity to it that can’t fail to prickle the back of your neck. Pair that with the thought of Thom Yorke spitting bars like “Goin’ out like I’m Montana // Hundred killers, hundred hammers” and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire viral hit. All we need now is for Dave Grohl to rock up in a reworked version of Skepta’s ‘Shutdown’ and we’d have the makings of a chart-topping compilation. But that’s for another day.

Right now, Desiigner is gearing up for the release of his debut mixtape Trap History Month, expected shortly. Presumably he gave it more attention than when writing ‘Panda’ – which he says was penned while playing Grand Theft Auto.

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