These Radiohead Fans Are So Happy They’re Eating Pictures Of Thom Yorke

On Friday, Radiohead announced the release date of their ninth studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool. Now, most people’s reaction was to rush to their nearest online device and fire up a stream of the band’s two new singles. Not these die hard fans though. No, being the Radiohead obsessives that they are, they went one step further.

Rather than grabbing a packet of Monster Munch or a box of Celebrations for sustenance during the listening party, this lot realised traditional snacks wouldn’t quite cut it. Instead, they started munching on photographs of band head honcho Thom Yorke. Yup, actual made-of-paper pictures. They even started posting videos of themselves chowing down on YouTube.

If, like us, you weren’t one of those weirdos who liked eating toilet paper as a kid, you’re going to want answers. Luckily, we have them.

It turns out all this mad behaviour is down to a Reddit sub-thread from a few days ago. Entitled, “Alright, time to settle this. If LP9 is announced OR released tomorrow, May 6, I will eat a photo of Thom Yorke,” the gauntlet was pretty clearly thrown down. Obviously not wanting to be embarrassed (heaven forfend), the Radiohead mega-nerds took up the challenge immediately.

Knowing Thom Yorke and his tendency towards the surreal, we wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing turned out to be an elaborate trick. The joke’s on you people, the joke’s on you. Check out some more examples of the Yorke-gobbling maniacs below.

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