Radiohead – What’s Your Dream Setlist?

EDIT: We took your setlist suggestions and made them into a Spotify playlist

Hurrah, Radiohead have announced they WILL be touring in 2012. But wait, what will the ‘Limbs Live!’ (cute, huh?) tour bring us?


Glastonbury’s secret show divided fans and critics. For some the setlist was a great summation of the band post-‘In Rainbows’, for others it lacked the requisite amount of sing along, hands-in-the-air moments to truly transcend the wet weather.

But that was, let’s not forget, a festival show and these shows will be preaching to the faithful. What would our dream setlist be? Let’s take a look and see. You can stream some of the tracks at the bottom of this post.

So if you’ve not seen The ‘Head since you punched the air in a parka at their ’01 homecoming show in South Park you might be in for a rude awakening.

Get ready for Thom’s off the cuff interpretive dancing and a staunch refusal to play ‘Cr***’ (though it does sometimes crop up).

For you, the audience, it’s your responsibility to think of ways to stroke an imaginary beard you seemed to have acquired as the band switch through their newer more challenging material.

And definitely, DEFINITELY don’t utter the sentence: ‘So I’ll see you in the circle pit for ‘Just’ then?’

So being realistic types, what can we expect from their setlist?

As well as much of ‘The King Of Limbs’, I think we’ll definitely be seeing the likes of ‘Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi’,’15 Step’and ‘All I Need’ being played.

Is that as far as the older material will go? Perhaps not.

The band’s LA benefit for Haiti in January of 2010 featured such stone cold classics likes ‘Karma Police’, ‘Lucky’, and ‘Fake Plastic Trees’.

These of course would be amazing to see the band play next year. What would be on your dream Radiohead setlist?

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