Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ Turns 15 – Relive Their Famous ‘Big Top’ London Shows From 2000

During Radiohead’s fleeting, five-week ‘Kid A’ Tour in 2000, they spent three nights at London’s Victoria Park, from September 23-25. In a Big Top tent, with Victorian-style tickets and posters (see below), the band played all but two songs from their unreleased album ‘Kid A’ – and some from 2001’s ‘Amnesiac’ as well – which meant more than 50% of their set was formed of unreleased material. But their shrewd juxtapositions of old and new (‘Paranoid Android’ with ‘Idioteque’, ‘No Surprises’ with ‘How To Disappear Completely’, ‘Just’ with ‘Everything In Its Right Place’) proved they knew exactly what they were doing with their 8,000-strong crowd, turning the huge tent into an intimate space. See evidence of their showmanship below:

The band also played shows in in Newport, Glasgow and Warrington. A two-hour setlist, almost identical to the London shows, has appeared online from their Toronto show on October 17, 2000. See that below: