Radiohead’s Live Return: What Fans At The Amsterdam Gigs Were Saying

Radiohead are playing gigs for the first time since late 2012. The Oxford five-piece hit Amsterdam for two nights over the weekend (May 20-21) to open their world tour, which comes to London’s Roundhouse on Thursday (May 26). If you’re lucky enough to be one of the people that got into those gigs – or even if you’re not – get yourself ready with these fans’ reactions to what happened at the shows this weekend.

1. Radiohead France were there to document the whole thing

The fan group showed up early to take an atmospheric shot of the venue, then streamed the whole of the gig on Periscope. That’ll probably continue to happen, so if you didn’t manage to get a ticket to any of their shows, you can always keep your eyes on Twitter for Periscope streams. Don’t lie to yourself – it’s not like being there in person – but it’s better than nothing.


2. Half their setlist changes drastically from night to night

On these first two nights, almost all of ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ was played. The first five songs – ‘Burn The Witch’ to ‘Ful Stop’ – opened the set, then seventh came ‘There There’ and eleventh and twelfth ‘Identikit’ and ‘The Numbers’. ‘The Present Tense’ also made an appearance, but otherwise it was a free for all among Radiohead’s huge back catalogue, with even a tiny bit of ‘Creep’ teased. What does this mean? Well, you’ll probably get those 10 songs every time, and the emphasis seems to be on Radiohead post-2000, but really crowds don’t know what they’re going to hear.

3. A cool 1.6m people were watching it on Periscope

Remember that stream we mentioned from Radiohead France? Yeah, there were a fair few people watching it.


4. Meanwhile, Radiohead’s crew were chilling

5. Thom was back in full-on dance mode – here to ‘Identikit’:

6. ‘Nude’ was a big crowd-pleaser

7. They teased ‘Creep’, which they haven’t played since 2009

They might actually play it on this tour.

8. Fans who were there say they’re ‘on a different level’ and ‘mindblowing’

YES. That was mind blowing! @radiohead

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This fan even went twice

9. Johnny used a bow on his guitar again

He’s been doing it for a while now, and we’re into it:

10. They didn’t play ‘True Love Waits’

‘True Love Waits’ has been knocking about on Radiohead setlists since 1995, and they’ve only just set it to record with ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’. Fans weren’t too happy to see it wasn’t on their setlists, but that could change. Maybe.