Rage Against The Machine – Their Most Explosive Live Clips

Rage Against The Machine’s curtailed live performance on Five Live serves as a reminder of what an explosive live band they’ve always been.

It inspired us to put together this compilation of their greatest live moments.

‘Sleep Now In The Fire’, Hultsfred, 2000
Tom Morello’s most vicious, spring-loaded riff, unleashed before a seething crowd of up-for-it Swedes.


‘Guerrilla Radio’, Reading 2000
I remember being in this crowd and it being utter carnage from start to finish – partly, perhaps, because we’d just endured the horror of Blink 182 on the Main Stage.

‘Know Your Enemy’, Mexico City, 1999
Rage have always had a passionate following in Mexico thanks to their links with the Zapatista movement – and that mutual love-in between band and fanbase was captured to thrilling effect on the no-frills ‘Battle Of Mexico City’ DVD.

‘Killing In The Name’, Woodstock 1999
The festival was famously disastrous – a depressing corruption of the anti-establishment spirit contained in this song – but Rage were on fire all the same, in front of a 100,000-plus crowd. “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!” has probably never been bellowed back by this many people.