‘Raise Your Hand If You Got A Private Plane’: The Best Quotes From Kanye West’s Shoe Award Speech

Kanye West‘s personality is almost as great as his music. Heck, sometimes his music pretty much hinders on that very brilliantly narcissistic, anti-hero persona, having turned his stream-of-conscious tweets into rap lyrics several times in the past. His shows are often punctuated by lengthy, rambling rants too, where he reels off whatever’s on his mind, much to the chagrin of some and delight of others.

As shown by his recent MTV VMA speech, Yeezy doesn’t reel it in for award shows either. Picking up the Shoe Of The Year accolade at the Footwear News Annual Achievement Awards on Thursday (December 3), West warned the audience: “If you don’t like 10-minute, profanity-ridden speeches that end in a presidential bid, you can go to the bathroom,” before spouting pearls of wisdom for nigh on 20 minutes.

The speech contained some of the best gems from West that we’ve heard in a long time. See some of the highlights below.

Kanye on his ‘rants’:

“Basically, as I talk it’s just a mood board. Thats my new style of speeches. Very unorthodox. It’s vibes.”

Kanye thanking his collaborators:

“It’s cool to be up here with the three people I’ve screamed at the most in the past year.”

Kanye on empowering the super-wealthy:

“Raise your hand if you got a private plane. Don’t be embarrassed, there’s definitely some people with some private planes tonight.”

Kanye on his #lifegoals:

“I want a house equal or better than Calvin Klein’s house in the Hamptons.”

Kanye on the meaning of life:

“Your job is to create while you’re here. And if anything gets in the way of that, if anything is stopping that or slowing it down, you gotta burn it to the fucking ground.”

Kanye on money:

“The talent budget was $500,000, and I don’t know how I’m supposed to put together a design team with that. Luckily I was a multi-millionaire rapper and I covered the rest of it.”

Kanye on why he doesn’t like Hawaii:

“I’m constantly concerned about what I’m wearing. It’s hard to get fresh in Hawaii because you can’t, like, layer up.”

Kanye on race relations:

“What does Kanye do when he pisses every white person off on the planet? Goes to Stockholm, dances with more white people!”

Kanye on reaching Will Ferrell level:

“I’m trying to take it full ‘Will Ferrell level drunk brother at the wedding’ level. Have I reached that level yet? Have I fucked it up? Good. Here’s to fucking everything up!”

Watch West’s speech in full below: