Rastamouse’s Debut Single ‘Ice Popp’ – What Do You Think?

In a world where Aleksandr Orlov the meertwat from those endless insurance adverts can sell 300,000+ copies of his ‘memoirs’ to pre-teens and drunk people at airports, this was only a matter of time.


Rastamouse, the Rastafarian rodent from CBeebies that’s been part of a Twitter infestation over the last few weeks, has just released a single. He’s taken his cardboard instruments and the rest of the Easy Crew into the studio to record ‘Ice Popp’, featuring the vocal talents of friendly radio guy Reggie Yates, which hit iTunes this week.

Rastamouse Guitar Hero
Rastamouse turntablist

And like many of the musical interludes on the show (the dubstep / RnB mash up from last week springs to mind), it aint that bad. A big bouncy brass track whipped up by Mister Scruff collaborator Andy Kingslow that’s been labelled good enough for Winehouse’s next album by Holy Moly it’s a damn sight better than most of the other singles in the top 100. So rest of world, take your Gaga, we’re off to Mousetego Bay.

Buy ‘Ice Popp’ on iTunes. And if you want to display your (perhaps ironic) love for the little guy on Facebook, fill your boots.