Real Estate, Dog Is Dead, Cass McCombs – This Week’s Singles Reviewed

Hamish McBain fills us in on the latest single releases

Real Estate

Real Estate – ‘Easy’

The video for this is a satire on the, like, corporate bands who aggressively ply their wares via evil street teams and bribes to DJs. Similarly, the music – jangly and melodic – belongs in that long-lost era when people used to sneer at indie bands who put their tunes in adverts. Cor, those were the days, eh?

Discopolis – ‘Zenithobia’

Speaking of which, if M83 ever stop knocking out dreamy electronic backdrops that are perfect for flogging fancy new smartphones, then these boys will be quids in. In the meantime, it would be ace if this single was massive and they got on Jonathan Ross, just so we could see him attempt to pronounce their name and song title without drowning his entire studio audience in spittle.

Dog Is Dead – ‘Two Devils’

It would be easy to sit here and make some really nasty jokes about how these guys singing “We’ll be dead by summer” is somewhat prophetic… but instead let’s just note that if you’ve been sat waiting for Coldplay to faithfully cover the Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind?’ then your time has arrived.

Cass McCombs – ‘Love Thine Enemy’

Cass’ second-of-two 2011 albums ‘Humor Risk’ was at its best when he was just kicking back and writing dumb sarcastic pop songs with about three words in them, of which this is one. Sounds like the bits of The Velvet Underground that the legions of boring idiots who never stop going on about how into The Velvet Underground they are appear to have skipped, ie the fun parts.

Marcus Collins – ‘Seven Nation Army’

Hard to see why people are getting so wound up about this passable plastic soul cover of Jack’n’Meg’s finest hour, which is more than fine for people who find Maverick Sabre a bit too raw. The best thing that could ever have happened for The X Factor was for Little Mix to triumph over Marcus, ’cos now people may remember it’s supposed to be about pop, not authenticity.

Duane The Teenage Weirdo – ‘Postcard From Hell’

Another Third Man Records “oddity” to buy on weird-coloured seven-inch vinyl, listen to once, and file at the front of your record collection so people think you’re bohemian and eccentric and sexy. People will go, “What’s this?” and you go, “My second favourite Detroiter to call himself a streetwalking cheetah”. Assuming they don’t then go, “I read that blurb on the website, too”, you might just be about to get laid.

This article originally appeared in the March 3rd issue of NME

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