Real Estate – More Than Just A Band Name

There is a lot that’s fake about me. My nose (rhino’, Malibu, ’97), my CV (I did not graduate from ninja school) and my hair (it’s a weave). New Jersey’s Real Estate play fake blues, but sound like they mean it. “Your worries ain’t so different from my own, though I’m far more accident prone,” sings Martin Courtney, also of Ducktails (woohoo!) over sly, twinkling beach pop rhythms.

Real Estate

Things that are not fake: Courtney really has a real estate licence and the band’s Etienne Duguay rents apartments for his landlord in exchange for free rent. As Courtney explains: “Real Estate is more than just a band name, it’s how we livin’.”

Find out more about Real Estate and grab free downloads of their songs ‘Fake Blues’ and ‘Suburban Beverage’ over at Pinglewood.

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