The real meaning behind Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ video

It's deep

Every Taylor Swift video is a considered thing. Her earliest offerings like ‘Love Story’ have now become iconic, and now with her sixth record ‘Reputation’ she’s amped it up a notch – her latest video for ‘Delicate’ being no different.

The video sees the Grammy-winner experience a world where she’s invisible. Away from the cameras and paparazzi we see Taylor dancing like nobody is watching, because literally nobody is, and the clip has already racked up millions of views on YouTube.


Fans have immediately started to speculate about what the real message behind Taylor’s video could be.

After the robots and futuristic world of ‘…Ready for It?’, and mad parties of ‘End Game’, ‘Delicate’ is a far more subtle video. Fans are speculating that ‘Delicate’ is about how Taylor feels like she has to behave in a certain way because of her reputation and fame; when she’s invisible she finally gets to be herself.

Taylor hasn’t been in the public eye quite so much over the past year: she’s been off keeping herself to herself, and being who she wants to be, just like she is in the video. Fans are also seeing the clip as a message that you should be unapologetic, and spend time focussing on what and who makes you happy.


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And of course it wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift video without a few Easter Eggs hidden throughout it. Firstly, eagle-eyed fans spotted that Taylor has been leaving messages on the walls again, as she has done in several of her previous music videos (like ‘End Game’ and ‘…Ready For It’ ). In the video we see text in a subway station that reads ‘Track 5’, which is the track number of  ‘Delicate’ on the album.

And we also see graffiti reading ‘Reputation’ (the title of her album) and “Echoes of your footsteps” – the latter of which are lyrics from ‘Delicate’.

We also see a sign reading ‘Joe’s Deli’ – which fans reckon is a shout-out to Taylor’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

And when we see Taylor dancing on top of the desks in the hotel, if you look carefully at the concierge’s tablets you’ll see that they read the feline hotel name; “Hotel Delicat”.