Record Store Day 2012 – How Was It For You?

Deep breaths, everybody – you can finally relax now. Yes, the hullabaloo has subsided, and Record Store Day is now but a distant memory of mammoth queues and the terror-inducing panic you feel while fruitlessly searching obscure 12 inches. Forget the air-turned-blue squabble you had with that one bloke as you both fought for the last Arctic Monkeys single; let go of the murderous intent you channeled as you joined the scrabble to hunt down the Kasabian EP. Now is the time to bask in the glory of your hard-won wares, and steel yourself to do it all again next year.

We joke, of course: far from being a violent scrum, one of the best things about Record Store Day is getting together with a bunch of like-minded souls who share your same odd obsession for lumps of plastic. And what with all the exclusive releases and instore gigs that took place , this year’s bash can stake an almighty claim to being the finest Record Store Day yet.

So we want to know, how was it for you? Did you manage to get all the goodies you coveted? Unearth any overlooked gems? And, for those who had their record store cherry popped over the weekend, will you now be heading to your local shop on a regular basis? Let us know by commenting below…


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