Regal Safari, ‘Veil’ – Exclusive Stream

‘Veil’ is the first release from Regal Safari’s new EP and we’re delighted to premiere it on The Brighton duo have written a song that would soundtrack perfectly the hazy end of a debauched banquet at Atlantis, the underwater city, or standing on a beach closer to home watching the sun rise. It’s a moody, atmospheric piece that builds amongst fat synths, propulsive keys, distorted vocals and thunderous rumbles. It’s dreamy, invigorating and addictive.

Regal Safari

From what I’ve heard it’s just as good, if not better, live. Here’s Sean: “By the nature of our materials we are an electronic act. But our attitudes and ideologies are that of a band. We are a tribe.” It’s reminiscent of Walls’ similarly subaqueous-sounding album ‘Coracle'(2011). Influence-wise, Guy listened to classical music for the first decade of his life. Sean is inspired more by film and pictures:” I recently got a book photographically documenting 1945-62 nuclear tests by the USA, which I look at in between recording takes. Trying to express what I see in film and pictures, or from reading novels, has always led to more honest outcomes.”

On 13th September Regal Safari headline a show at Dalston Roof Park