Remix Re-Up: Owl City, Alan Pownall, Moby, Grum, Egyptian Hip Hop – Free MP3 Downloads

The Remix Re-Up returns with another boxful of weekend tracks. As ever, let us know your thoughts below…

Grum – ‘Can’t Shake This Feeling (Aston Shuffle mix)’

First up, a double hit of Grum. The Scottish DJ / producer has been a guest at the Daily Download banquet before, featuring last August, and was also profiled on the Radar blog last month, and probably got a few nerds’ pulses racing when we put this food fetish video on the site.

Aston Shuffle cuts the track and throws in a few wild cards in this hi-NRGGG remix.


Owl City – ‘Umbrella Beach (Grum Remix)’

Meanwhile with the shoe on the other foot, Grum’s euphoro-disco slant on Owl City’s bedroom-tronica takes the mega-selling fan of waistcoats’ ‘Umbrella Beach’ to the beach almost literally.

Owl City


Alan Pownall – ‘Colourful Day (Seams Remix)’

Alan Pownall, meanwhile, is a contemplative songwriter that kind of reminds me of Fionn Regan, and this Seams remix turns his track into a rich electronic treat reminiscent of Mr Fogg‘s nicest moments. (Seams’ own ‘Nightcycles’ is worth picking up over at Pitchfork)

Alan Pownall


Egyptian Hip-Hop – ‘Wild Human Child (MidiMidis mix)’

I love remixes where you can’t work out the original track until it’s made itself comfortable on the stereo, and this reworking of EHH’s ‘Wild Human Child’ takes a good 90 seconds to offer up anything recognisable, and from then it’s a feral beast of a track featuring bassy synths you’d be very tempted to call “filthy” if you were an overnight DJ on a provincial station.


Dutch Uncles – ‘The Ink (Egyptian Hip Hop mix)’

And again, the remixed become the remixers. Dutch Uncles are a Manchester band but don’t let that put you off – they’re firm favourites of Huw Stephens and peddle a distorted pop with several sharp angles that’s picked up a few followers (read more about them here). EHH make the vocals sound like Fever Ray and slow it down into a dark electro nugget.


Moby – ‘Wait For Me (Christoffer Berg Flash Treatment edit)
While I’m not sure about this frequent penchant for verbose titles (how does a ‘Flash Treatment edit’ differ from a ‘remix’?), this version from the Fever Ray producer does some nice DIY on the original, thanks mostly to judicious deployment of 303 drum machines. It’s from the forthcoming album of Moby remixes called a little more directly ‘Wait For Me: Remixed!’.