Watch London’s Renz perform ‘Ya Dun Know’ on a 360-degree stage in Selfridges

It's that loveable fella from the New Gen collective.

Renz is a very likeable chap. If you can listen to his deliriously romantic, tropical R&B track ‘Ya Dun Know’ without smiling, please seek the immediate attention of a doctor because you may have rigor mortis. The Londoner is a member of and producer for New Gen, the collective of rap and R&B talent, a project he to spoke to NME about last year, saying: “UK artists are unapologetic about being ourselves, our sound and what we want to say.”

Without small clubs and venues, though, these artists wouldn’t be able to get their voices heard in the first place. Worryingly, the Music Venue Trust, 40% of grass-roots venues have disappeared in the past decade. This has largely been attributed to a combination of increased rents and prohibitive licensing laws – all we know is that something needs to be done about it.

Here Music Matters steps in. Launched by Selfridges, the campaign looks to raise awareness of small venues’ plight through a series of shows from the likes of Renz and indie band Ten Fe at Ultralounge, the London store’s 360-degree multidiscipline arts space, with 20% of takings going to Music Venue Trust. That grin across your face as you watch the video above, on which Renz performs ‘Ya Dun Known’ on the first night, is the reason that Music Matters.