Retail workers discuss the Christmas songs they hate the most

Please, no more Slade

If you work in retail, Christmas will simultaneously be the best and the worst time of the year. While there’s something magical about helping somebody’s nan find the perfect gift for their grandkids, at times it’ll also be hideously busy, people will be unbelievably stressed, and you may shed a tear when somebody criticises your gift wrapping.

But there’s one thing that’ll hit you harder than ever, and that’s the music. While those festive tunes are a bit of a treat if you hear them every few days or so, in the build up to Christmas if you’re working in retail you may be put in the situation where you have to listen to the same songs over and over (and over and over…)


Recently film director Edgar Wright asked on Twitter what songs drove retail workers absolutely loopy whilst working – and the internet revealed which Christmas anthems they hate the most:

In short: people hated all of them. Not even the top tier of Christmas bangers came out unscathed:

Some didn’t know the exact name, but the memories remain:


And some just hated them all:

Some got won over by the classics eventually:

Even if the general consensus was a low key hatred:

While others kept on loving their favourites:

But whatever your thoughts on the Christmas classics, it’s time to prepare yourself, as the time for back to back festive bangers is almost here. Get ready – or at the very least, get yourself some noise cancelling headphones.