Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘No More Parties In LA’ Is A Long Overdue Team-Up – Track Review

Arguably the two greatest rappers of modern times, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar’s first official collaboration has been a long time coming.

The latest look at West’s forthcoming ‘Swish’ – which is hopefully out February 11 – the six minute long ‘No More Parties In LA’ sees the two titans of contemporary hip hop finally going head to head over a rolling sample from Ohio funk musician Junie Morrison’s 1976 track ‘Suzie Thundertussy’.

Despite a strong opening from Kendrick, who eloquently airs some impressively mucky musings, it’s Kanye who shines here – unsurprisingly seeing as it’s his track first and foremost. Smoothly delivering a potted history of his own history in hip hop, from writing beats for other artists to being on the rap A-list. If any other rappers were thinking of stealing Kanye’s crown during the long-delays surrounding ‘Swish’, then he’s here to tell them that their takeover is highly unlikely. “The writer’s block is over, emcees cancel your plans,” he offers, coolly.

Liberally doused with an old school soul vibe, the vintage class comes courtesy of producer Madlib, who sprinkled the same kind of classic grooves over his and Freddie Gibbs’ 2014 album ‘Pinata’. Another delicious sample comes in the shape of Larry Graham’s 1980’s disco gospel number ‘Stand Up And Shout About Love’, which is dropped just after Kanye hilariously calls out his cousin for stealing his laptop. A near flawless flash of brilliance from a man refusing to relinquish his throne.